Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Packaging Design: T R U K I D™

New packaging for the entire line as well as new products. For this run, I played around with type. I wanted the words on the bottles to stand out. I implemented BertHold Akzidenz family for all label copy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

PACKAGING DESIGN: Xocolatl Chocolates

Latest Packaging Design project for Xocolatl™ Chocolate. Currently working on branding the company as well as packaging for an entire line-up of chocolate flavors. Single chocolate bars and POP displays as well as commercial ads soon to follow.

Identity Design: Platform 1

Latest Identity/Environmental Design Project for Platform 1 Nightclub concept. I will be designing the corporate branding, as well as the environmental design for this concept in the next couple of months. From marketing advertisements, flyers, brochures, to website and short commercial for the new nightclub.

Here is the finalized logo for the club and club flyers.

Web Design: Survivors International

Latest web redesign project for Survivors International. I worked on a couple promotional pieces for this non-profit during the summer. Website fleshed out in Illustrator and will be constructed in Flash/HTML.